Key Benefits of SmartBook Service

Reduce Error-Prone Paperwork

Deliver superior customer service

Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP/Accounts systems

Manage upcoming work

Control Costs

Visibility of schedules

Easier Route Management And Journey Mapping

Save Time

Simple and Easy to Use

  • Jobs are entered and allocated to Engineers
  • Service report emailed to the customer
  • Works online or offline
  • Engineers complete jobs to include time spent, job comments, serial numbers, customer signature, images, parts used, etc.
  • Engineers access jobs on their Tablet/Smartphone device
  • Office personnel view and import the completed transactions to your ERP/Accounts solution
  • Solutions are scalable and customisable, delivering cost savings to sole-traders, SMEs and large corporations

SmartBook Service runs on standard Android and iOS devices and offers full ERP/Accounts integration.

Is your ERP/Accounts system not listed? Please contact us with your requirements.

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