Our Solutions

Our field sales software solutions for van sales and service teams are easy to use, fast to deploy and offer full integration with most existing ERP/Accounts systems. Our mobile solutions are fully supported by our experienced team to ensure high quality, accurate and on-time system delivery, saving your business valuable time and money.

SmartBook Sales

Mobile field sales management app that automates the entire sales process, saving time and providing valuable real-time customer data.

SmartBook Ordering

Mobile order placing app that automate the sales ordering process so customers can place orders anywhere, anytime and from any device.

SmartBook Service

Mobile service app automates the service call process streamlines journey planning, delivering increased productivity.

Benefits of our Field Sales Software Solutions

Automate Repetitive, Time-Consuming Tasks

Improved Cash Flow

Increase Productivity

Increase Profitability

Control Costs

Integrate With Existing ERP/Accounts Systems

Save Time

Success Stories


“I think that the ONM system is just absolutely fantastic, it gives me all the account and sales information I need at my finger tips. By installing this hand-held system I have been able to work more efficiently and that has translated into sales growth of over 20% last year. I can watch my margins closely too and that has let me offer more competitive deals to key customers.”
Keith Ellwood,

“Savings & control”

“At Clóna Dairy Products we have over 60 hand-held units from ONM Systems for mobile sales and stock control. By introducing this system we have been able to 1) make savings by reducing our administration costs, 2) we had problems with stock control that we have now been able to resolve and 3) we have been able to improve the efficiency of our van sales operations. Overall we are very pleased with the system and with the services provided by ONM Systems.”
Martin Long,
Financial Controller, Clona Dairy Products

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We tailor solutions for companies from different industries and with different needs to digitise and transform their field sales and service operations.

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